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Helping families thrive after separation and divorce

Stephanie Dobson

Founder, CEO, Content Creator

Our Mission

To enhance and reinforce the work of divorce professionals worldwide by delivering positive and constructive resources to separating or divorcing families.

Who we are

We are an e-learning platform available to families globally through their divorce professional, delivering e-courses and other resources to families who want to become informed and empowered in their journey through separation or divorce, and to be reassured with the tools to thrive in two homes. Our Founder and CEO, Stephanie Dobson, is our content creator and has helped families for over 17 years through the divorce process, helping them create a positive divorce story.

What we do

Our e-learning platform gives separating and divorcing families globally the tools to learn how to be most effective as co-parents. We teach parents that by becoming healthy co-parents, they can create healthy and resilient children.

Why we do it

Quite simply, we have a passion for helping separating and divorcing families worldwide thrive in two homes. We have seen first hand the effect of parental conflict on the resilience of parents and children, yet much of this conflict is preventable with the right information and tools to build a strong co-parent foundation. By providing these resources, we are contributing positively to families who want to learn to become a healthy, thriving family after separation or divorce.

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Stephanie Dobson

Founder, CEO & Content Creator

For over 17 years, Stephanie has been a divorce professional committed to working exclusively with families in a non-adversarial setting, focusing on creating healthy, thriving families, after separation and divorce.

Her passion is to help families secure positive outcomes by putting their children at the center.

Stephanie believes that by empowering families with positive and constructive resources, they will be able to see their journey as a transition rather than as an end, and have the tools to become healthy co-parents raising resilient children.

So many divorce professionals want to help their clients to become healthy, thriving families after separation or divorce, and are looking for resources to help with that goal. Our e-learning platform is a simple and affordable way to provide additional resources to your clients, enhancing and reinforcing the work that you do with them.