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Helping families thrive after separation & divorce

Stephanie Dobson

Founder and CEO

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Our Mission

To build an e-learning community to support separating and divorcing families globally to thrive in their transition into a two-home family.

Who We Are

We are an online e-learning community delivering free divorce resources and premium course content to separating and divorcing families who want to become informed and empowered in their transition, and to be reassured with the tools to thrive in two homes.   Our Founder and CEO, Stephanie Dobson, is our course creator and has helped families for over 15 years through the divorce process to help them create the positive divorce story that they seek.

What We Do

We give separating and divorcing families around the world the tools to learn how to be most effective as co-parents. We teach parents that by becoming healthy co-parents, they can create healthy and resilient children.

Why We Do It

Our vision is that divorcing families around the world are healthy and thriving in two households. We are determined that families going through separation and divorce can and will see this time as a transition, not as an end, for the sake of their children. We know that one factor in determining the degree of resilience is how parents handle their separation and divorce. We want to be an invaluable tool in the toolbox of resilience building for the whole family.

Stephanie Dobson, Founder & CEO

Here’s a 10-second summary of my journey leading to the launch of Up A Notch Learning Inc. and a life-long mission to help divorcing families thrive.

Because of all the destruction I have witnessed in divorcing families, I have committed for 15-years to working exclusively with families who desired a positive, thriving outcome for their family.

After exhaustive research and working directly with families, I created systems that make “thriving families” within reach. My passion is to help divorcing families to secure positive outcomes they so desperately seek.

During my free time, I love to enjoy the outdoors with my family and to relax with a good book and a visit with friends.









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