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Find strategies to help your family thrive after separation or divorce.

Moving forward through your separation or divorce starts with the right information. Our affordable courses will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. When you enroll in any of our online courses, you gain access to expert advice on how to navigate complex issues, while keeping costs down before consulting a legal professional.

Healthy. Thriving. Families. 101

Healthy, Thriving Families 101 Online Course

Healthy, Thriving Families 101 is an introductory online course for separating and divorcing families around the world who want tools to build a solid and effective co-parenting relationship, reduce conflict, and create resilience in themselves and their children. If you are considering separation or divorce, or just beginning your transition, this course may be for you.

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Building Effective Parenting Plans

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Effective Parenting from Two Homes

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Kids at the Centre

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Effective Communication

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Reducing Kids' Stress