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We are an e-learning community to support separating & divorcing families globally to become empowered and  to thrive in their transition into a two-home family.

We support divorce professionals by being a supplemental resource which can reinforce and enhance the information and advice you provide to your clients.

Free Resources & Premium Content

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We want to connect with you & build relationships with divorce professionals so that we can support you to help your clients to thrive.

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What are the benefits to your clients?

Clients more likely to be better emotionally prepared
for the divorce process

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Clients will have tools to
de-escalate their conflict
with their co-parent


Clients will be more ready to move forward, take your advice, and reach resolution

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Clients will be more likely
to recognize the value of
an effective co-parenting relationship

Premium Courses

Coming Soon

Building Effective Parenting Plans

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Effective Parenting from Two Homes

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Kids at the Centre

Coming Soon

Effective Communication

Coming Soon

Reducing Kids' Stress

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What is different from what I already give to my clients?

Our resources are the “extras”, designed specifically for families who want to have tools to de-escalate their conflict and to thrive.  

Our community of e-learning resources will give them perspective, and help them to learn the tools necessary to work more effectively with their co-parent, making them easier for you to advise as clients, and more likely to stay in their logical thinking during their divorce case. 

Many of our resources are free or very low-cost, and can positively impact your clients as they work with you.

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How can I use it in my practice?

We encourage you to join our community to check out all of our resources – the free resources are accessible to all.  If you would like to experience the premium content for a trial period, please message us and we can get you set up.

You could also recommend to your clients that they join our community free during their work with you. 

The earlier in their separation that your clients join our community, the stronger the foundation they will create, and the more ready they will be for your work with them.

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Why is this so affordable?

Quite simply, we have a passion for helping families to thrive post-divorce.

We created this community with families in mind; there’s so much that families have no choice but to incur while they negotiate their transition into separation and divorce that one more expense can seem difficult to absorb. 

Our hope is to be a community where families would join free and access tons of free resources, and if the premium content would be helpful, then they could choose to access that as needed.  We want to avoid the cost being a barrier to accessing our community and resources.

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