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Access our additional resources inside our e-learning platform to continue to support you on your journey through separation or divorce.

We believe in the importance of gaining positive and constructive knowledge as you go through arguably one of the most difficult, emotionally-charged times of your life. That’s why we created this e-learning platform. Discover valuable insights through e-books & blogs, book recommendations & reviews, and interviews with industry professionals from around the world to help you move forward.

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Interview Series

Watch interviews with industry professionals who help separating and divorcing families navigate the difficult waters of creating a healthy, thriving family after divorce.

Featured Interview

Barbara Rubel joins Stephanie Dobson to discuss a topic that is difficult to discuss, yet so critically important to become healthy and thriving post-separation or divorce: grief and the grieving process. An expert on the topic, Barbara normalizes this subject and helps us to understand how grief works.

Book Club

In this video series, professionals come together to discuss books that can help families on their journey through separation or divorce. We highlight the book’s themes, benefits, and provide valuable commentary. Meet the authors in many of our videos.

Featured Book Review

Co-authors Dr. Carol Hughes and Bruce Fredenburg sit down with Stephanie Dobson to discuss the issues impacting adult children of divorce, which is the basis of their new book “Home Will Never Be the Same Again”. Join us to learn how to help your adult children cope with your divorce, and why it’s important to turn your mind to them during this difficult life transition.

Book Recommendations

There are many books that discuss strategies to navigate separation or divorce. We have put together a comprehensive list of our book recommendations that cover the following topics:


Personal Journey

Relationship Breakdown

Moving Forward


Process Options

Parenting After Separation



Access e-books that provide tips on how to build effective communication and resilience in your children.


Our blogs cover a variety of topics designed to create a positive foundation on which to base your separation or divorce. These are quick reads with actionable tips.

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