Healthy Thriving Families 101

Online Course

Feel empowered to make informed decisions as you transition to separation or divorce.

If you’re in the early stages of your separation or divorce, there are many choices ahead. Finding the resources you need to work through challenging issues can be time consuming, overwhelming, and confusing. That’s where Healthy, Thriving Families 101 online course comes in. We strive to do whatever we can to help separating and divorcing families thrive, and through this resource, we hope we can support you in the early stages of your journey.

Is this course for me?

Healthy, Thriving Families 101 can help if you’re:

 Considering separation or divorce or just beginning the transition

 Looking for a cost-effective way to find answers before consulting a legal professional

 Wanting to learn strategies and make decisions at your own pace

 Seeking tools and resources to help you prioritize your well-being

 Searching for resolution in a high or low conflict separation or divorce

 Interested in building an effective co-parenting relationship and creating resilience in your children

If you’re ready to get started, discover what’s included or explore the course outline below.

What's Included

For C$97, you’ll gain access to resources and support to help you move forward in your separation or divorce so you can become a healthy, thriving family.

7 full-length lessons

Workbooks, checklists, resource guides

Templates & spreadsheets to prepare yourself for the legal process to come

Priority notice of new courses, promotions, and free content

Exclusive blogs, videos, book recommendations, and more

Healthy, Thriving Families 101 Course Outline

Our self-guided course is built to be flexible–choose to enroll in one or all of the lessons and complete at your own pace.

Divorce Mission Statement

Lesson 1: Creating a Separation or Divorce Mission Statement

Be intentional about thriving after separation or divorce.

The Spectator Gallery

Lesson 2: The Spectator Gallery

Learn strategies for surrounding yourself with people who are supportive rather than toxic.

Talking to the Kids about Separation

Lesson 3: Talking to the Kids About Separation or Divorce

Get to know the dos and don’ts about talking to your kids before and during the separation or divorce.

Finding the Right Process

Lesson 4: How to Find the Right Process

Understand the difference between mediation, collaborative divorce, and divorce court, and choose the process that works for your family.

Finding the Right Professional

Lesson 5: How to Find the Right Professional

Choose with confidence.

Top 10 Tips: Preparing to Untie the Knot

Lesson 6: Top 10 Tips for Untying the Knot

Learn how to approach your break-up with dignity and respect, while choosing a positive-only outlook.

Divorce Wellness

Lesson 7: Divorce Wellness

Discover what divorce wellness means, and why this can impact your success.

How much time do I need for this

How much time do I need for this?

The full-length course contains 90-minutes of video in total, broken up into 9 videos. Each lesson is of varied length. It’s intended to be digestible in parts, to fit within your busy life. You can work through each lesson at your own pace.

Will this work for high conflict

Will this work for high conflict?

YES. You will gain tools to help reduce or manage the conflict between you and your former spouse. You are in control of so many parts of your divorce, you just need to get the tools to learn how to stay in control and create the outcome you desire. This course is specifically designed to provide tools to reduce the overwhelm and the conflict.

Why is this so affordable

Why is this so affordable?

It is our mission to ensure that this course is affordable for all families going through separation or divorce.

We simply want to help divorcing families thrive; and we begin with helping parents thrive. One way we can do that is by removing the cost as a barrier to you being empowered through your transition.