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Reinforce and enhance the advice you provide to your clients with our free resources and affordable course content

We created this e-learning platform with families in mind. With a variety of free to low-cost resources, our goal was to reduce the barrier for separating and divorcing families to become empowered so they can thrive in two homes. If you’re a divorce professional, this e-learning content can supplement the information you provide to your clients so that they can expand on their knowledge and make informed decisions.

Free E-learning Platform

When you join our e-learning platform, you gain access to the following free resources:

    Interview series with industry professionals

    Book Club video 

    Book Club video series

    List of Book Recommendations

    Downloadable e-books


Learn more about the details of our free e-learning platform here.

Affordable Course Content

Our fee-based, self-guided online courses cover a variety of topics and offer strategies to help separating and divorcing families navigate some of the most common issues. Healthy, Thriving Families 101 online course is for families who are interested in building a solid and effective co-parenting relationship, reducing conflict, and creating resilience in their children.

The following online courses are coming soon:

    Building Effective Parenting Plans

    Effective Parenting in Two Homes

    Kids At The Centre

    Effective Communication

    Reducing Kids’ Stress

What are the Benefits to your Clients?

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Clients will be more likely to be emotionally prepared for the separation or divorce process.


Clients will have the tools to de-escalate their conflict with their co-parent

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Clients will be more ready to move forward, take advice, and reach resolution.

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Clients will be more likely to recognize the value of an effective co-parenting relationship.

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How is this different from what I already give my clients?

Our resources are the extras, designed specifically for families who want to have tools to de-escalate their conflict and thrive.

Our e-learning platform and the resources available will give them perspective. These resources will help them learn the tools necessary to work more effectively with their co-parent and think logically during their separation or divorce, making it easier for you to advise them as clients.

Our resources are free or low-cost, and can positively impact your clients as they work with you.

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How can I use it in my practice?

We encourage you to join our platform to check out all of our free resources. If you would like to experience the affordable course content for a trial period, please send us a message and we can get you set up.

You could also recommend to your clients that they join our free e-learning platform during their work with you. The earlier in their separation or divorce that your clients join, the stronger the foundation they will create, and the more ready they will be for your work with them.

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Why is this so affordable?

Quite simply, we have a passion for helping families thrive after separation or divorce.

There are so many costs that families have no choice but to incur while they negotiate their transition into separation or divorce. By reducing cost as a barrier, we can help separating and divorcing families access the information they need to move forward.

Connect with us

We want to connect and build relationships with divorce professionals so that we can support families around the world. If you have any questions about our e-learning platform or would like to become a contributor, please send us a message.