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To support separating & divorcing families globally to become empowered and to thrive in two homes.

Professionals come together to discuss books which are valuable to families as they are on their journey through separation & divorce. We highlight the book’s themes, benefits, and provide valuable commentary to various books.

Clip of Featured Book Club

Author Ann Buscho joins Stephanie Dobson and Amrit Malhotra to talk about her book The Parent's Guide to Birdsnesting. It’s the only book of its kind out there, and Ann gives us an inside look at this option for parents who want to maintain their children in one home while they fly in and out of the “nest”. Tune in for more!

Interviews with professionals in the divorce community who help separating & divorcing families navigate the difficult waters of creating a two-home family.

Clip of Featured Interview

Barbara Rubel joins Stephanie Dobson to talk about a topic that is so difficult to discuss, yet so critically important in order to become healthy and thriving post-separation or divorce: grief and the grieving process. An expert on the topic, Barbara normalizes this subject and helps us to understand how grief works. Tune in to hear Barbara's insights.

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We believe in the importance of gaining positive and constructive knowledge as you go through arguably one of the most difficult, emotionally-charged time of your life. These books are some of our favourites! Join our e-learning community to view all the books which are broken down into these categories below

Personal Journey

Relationship Breakdown

Moving Forward


Process Option

Parenting After Separation


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